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About Gentle Lion Counselling

Gentle Lion Counselling specializes in supporting people living with chronic conditions and chronic pain, their family and friends.

Chronic pain is real – it is not all in your head. But pain is not all of who you are. At Gentle Lion Counselling I can help you cope with pain so you still have quality of life, with what is important to you. You can have balance and purpose in spite of chronic pain.

I will walk with you on your journey and use my knowledge and skills to support you to reach for the goals you desire. When doing counselling with you I will work with you as a whole person, acknowledging your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, moral, and social abilities.

Each of us does the best we can with the resources we have available. Sometimes we need help to find more resources, or to get back in touch with ourselves and with the wisdom and strength we already have.

About Gareth

I have had experience as part of an interdisciplinary pain clinic working with people living with chronic conditions and chronic pain and I have co-facilitated pain-management programs. I have worked with people living with depression, including with the Changeways® program. As well, I have counselled with people through loss, sorrow, depression, anger, worry and stress, challenges with personal and workplace relationships and addictions.

I have lived with chronic pain for 25 years, and have been involved as a peer counsellor with people living with chronic conditions and chronic pain for over 20 years. From my experience I believe that, given support and resources, a person living with chronic illness or chronic pain can re-establish balance in life, stay true to self, and be the best possible in the moment.

Since becoming a qualified clinical counsellor, I have continued to volunteer as a facilitator with programs for self-management of chronic pain and chronic conditions.

I have counselled with individuals, couples, families and groups. I seek supervision from an experienced Registered Clinical Counsellor, and meet regularly to discuss my work.

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